Responsabilitatea socială pentru Adecco reprezintă unul din cele mai importante segmente de activitate.
În tot ceea ce facem încercăm să acționăm eficient, ecologic, echitabil și sustenabil. Adecco România susține prin eforturi proprii Sportul, Tineretul și nu în ultimul rând, Educația.


Romanian Union of Students’ Organizations

The Romanian Union of Students’ Organizations (ANOSR) is the first and the most important student institution, non-governmental and non-partizan.

Ever sincer its founding, ANOSR has enrolled most of the traditional students’ organizations created immediately after the Revolution and together they make a forever professional team with firm values.

This representability is recognized and supported by important organizations of the civil society, mass media, the academic community and essential agents such as the Ministry of National Education.

Adecco encourages the actions of ANOSR, especially those oriented to adapt young people to the labour market.


Internship programs for young people

This platform of internship programs is the result of the project Adecco Human Resources took on during 2011-2013, known as “Multiregional Internship Programs for College Students in Order to Increase their Employability”.

The project initially aspired to facilitate the transition from school to real life for 1260 people from the West, Centre And North-West. Given the positive results, the deployment team managed to get together more than 1600 students from Romania, thus giving them the opportunity for a better professional development as initially intended.

Therefore, students have been given career oriented counseling, in order to identify their assets and their most suitable professional path according to their personalities and working styles. Half of those who were the most efficient were given an internship in their field of studies during three working weeks in one of more than 130 companies and partners. Soft skill training programs (Communication, public discourse, team work, management and leadership, negociating) were also offered to the best students. Those skills have proven to be useful for the students with respect to creating a poised and adaptable working personality, making them ready to fit in intro an extremely dynamic world.

In addition to the benefits brought to every particular student, we want that for the success of the project to last in time, leaving behind accomplishments such as:

Creating the first platform of internships meant to ease the honest, direct and professional dialogue involved: the candidates, the companies and the universities. Practica-ta
Drawing up literature (flyers, short guides and publications) meant to support the parties in developping efficient internship programs (all materials are available on this page but also on the pages addressing the candidates, the companies and the universities respectively.)
The efficient deployment of the project’s activities was awarded in 2012 by being named “Success Story” and by being seen as a model of good management and involvment of the team that made it all happen.

The program was partially financed with the European Social Fund by means of the Operational Program for The Development of Human Resources 2007-2013, Priority Axis 2 „The Corelation of Studying With The Labour Market”, Major Area of Intervention 2.1 „The Transition From School to Everyday Life”.

While in progress, the project tried to suit the need of increasing the occupancy, the adaptability and the mobility of future graduates within the work market. The partners of Adecco Human Resources in the successful deployment of the project were: The Regional Training Institute, West University of Timișoara, Technical University of Cluj Napoca, „Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu, „1 Decembrie 1918” University of Alba Iulia/ Babeș-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca and Adecco Személyzeti Szolgáltató Kft.

For further information access: Practica-ta


The program of professional reconstruction for former athletes

There have been many occasions on which athletes managed to impress us with their capacity of taking their physical limits to the extreme for the sake of performance.

However, how many of us actually wonder what happens to those people after their sportive career?…

Adecco Romania and The Romanian Olympic Committee have come to the aid of those cases by initiating the program of Professional Reconstruction for former athletes.

The Romanian Olympic Committee