Keeping an optimal and ready to act mindset is essential during these difficult times.

We know for sure that at some point, things will return to normality. Until then, we need to be cautious and take advantage of every opportunity.

We want to join the companies that are closing ranks and supporting the common good.

We will do it as we know better. By providing professional consultancy and business advice for free to any person or company that requires it.

On this page, we offer our audience access to:

  • Correspondence for career counseling in times of crisis
  • Thematic webinars
  • Informative white papers
  • Reports and statistics

We know it's not easy.

During these uncertain days, many of our work-related questions remain unanswered.

If this epidemic took you by surprise in a transition period or if you are about to make a change and need advice, we are here for you.

We’re happily waiting for you!

Solutions exist during times of crisis

Even though almost all Adecco experts are working from home, we are here for every company that needs our experience and expertise.

We have prepared a series of HR topics of interest for you and we are ready to present them through: webinars, whitepapers, studies and articles.

We are here for you!

How can we advise you?

  • Career counseling in times of crisis
  • Register for Webinar Being resilient – Managing emotions and stress during times of uncertainty | JOI, 23 APRIL 10:00 a.m