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Are you on the lookout for the best candidates?
We are here to help you! The Adecco team has the experience, the knowledge and the necessary tools to find the most suitable candidates for your team.

The Importance of a Professional Mass Recruitment Process

The most recent studies have shown the importance of storytelling to engage and attract top talents for an organization, while driving a digital recruitment process to flex, enable and manage expectations, both for candidates and clients.

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The Phases of a
Mass Recruitment Process

Thanks to our global experience, Adecco experts have built the most efficient process for identifying, evaluating and placing candidates for our recruitment and selection services.

Following multiple stages, we ensure that the most suitable candidates end up in the most suitable jobs:

  • Identifying Candidates through Digital Channels

  • Phone Interview  

  • Interviewing candidates

  • Reference Checkup

  • Evaluation

  • Sending the Shortlist

  • Presenting the validated candidates

  • Setting Up the Final Interview

  • Client interview and Candidates feedback  

  • Candidate start up date

  • Candidates feedback and Guarantee

Our Digital Enablers

Candidate Sourcing

Programatic advertising

Candidate experience

Landing pages

Career assistant



E2E recruitment process

Client onboarding

Centralized document management

Certified expertize


What is Mass Recruitment?

Effective Volume Recruitment is one of the greatest challenges a company faces today. Attracting and retaining great talent has become more complex because of the fast-moving and tense market. It puts pressure on the cost and the quality of hiring, so that every volume recruitment drive becomes a challenging process.

How Long Does a Mass Recruitment Process take?

A recruitment consultant takes an average of 1 month to complete a mass recruitment process for an open position. This period may vary depending on the complexity of the position and the HR policy of the organization.

What Are the Stages of the Adecco Mass Recruitment Process?

The service of mass recruitment involves identifying potential candidates, interviewing them, validating them with the employer, conducting the final interview, hiring and collecting feedback.

How many candidates does it take to close an open position within a company?

On average, a consultant gets to interview and evaluate 5 candidates to close an open position. The number may vary depending on the complexity of the position and the HR policy of the organization.

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