HR Temporary Work Services

Are you looking for flexibility and increased productivity in your internal human resources?
Adecco is here to help you! At Adecco, you can find HR temporary work services with the neccessary expertise, tools and infrastructure you need to manage the organization's projects over a certain period of time.

The Importance of a Temporary Work Process

HR temporary work services provide organizations with a legal and flexible framework for managing human resources for fixed periods of time.

The latest HR studies indicate a significant increase in productivity within organizations that outsource the temporary work process.

The desired candidates become Adecco employees and carry out their activity at the partner’s headquarters.

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The Stages of the
Temporary Work Process

Thanks to over 20 years of experience on the Romanian market, Adecco specialists have built the most efficient process for identifying, evaluating and hiring candidates for HR temporary work services. Following multiple stages, we make sure that the most suitable candidates become employees in the projects of our partners.

Identifying Candidates through Online and Offline Channels

Using our own digital tools (chat bots, search and matching functions, Adecco database of candidates etc.), external platforms (Facebook, OLX, marketing automation, local job portals etc.), but also outdoor advertising, we manage to discover as many candidates as possible, that are interested in the new job opportunity.

Phone Interview

The first discussion takes place over the phone and during this time we validate the candidate’s interest, the present the role we contacted him for and also validate the previous experience.

Face to Face Interview

Depending on the first discussion, we get to know the candidate better during an interview in person (at one of the Adecco offices) or virtually (online).


This stage involves the validation of the candidate’s skills and competencies, depending on the specific requirements we’ve agreed with the partner where the future employee will work.

Sending the Shortlist

At this stage, our partners will receive the list with the most suitable candidates for open positions.

Feedback from our Partner

Our partner indicated the most suitable candidates for the mission.

Completing the Employment Formalities (labor medicine, Safety and Health at Work training and signing of temporary employment contract with Adecco)

Our consultants guide candidates through the entire formal employment process, from scheduling the labor medicine appointment to signing the temporary employment contract.

Requesting feedback

After a mutually agreed period of time, Adecco consultants return to the partner and the new employee. We are very interested in the level of satisfaction of both parties and in the things that can be improved later.

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What is Temporary Work?

Temporary work is the legal form of employment through which a temporary employee is made available to the user in order to work temporarily, under his supervision and management, to perform a precise and temporary task.

What is a Temporary Employee?

A temporary employee is a person who has entered into a temporary employment contract with a temporary employment agent, in order to make himself/ herself available to a user, for working temporarily under the supervision and direction of the latter.

What is a Temporary Work Contract?

The temporary employment contract is an individual employment contract that is concluded in writing between the temporary employment agent and the temporary employee, during a mission.

What is an Individual Employment Contract?

An individual employment contract is a contract under which an individual, called an employee, undertakes the obligation to perform work for and under the authority of an employer, either individual or legal entity, in exchange for a remuneration called a salary.

What is a Temporary Work Assignment / Mission?

This represents the period in which the temporary employee is made available to the user in order to work temporarily under his supervision and management, to perform a precise and temporary task.

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