Global Mobility Services

Do you need to hire foreign citizens in Romania? Or to detach Romanian citizens abroad?
Adecco can help you! Our global mobility department provides solutions for both situations, regardless of the location around the world.

The Importance of the Process of Global Mobility

Romania’s access to the free labor market in the European Union, as well as globalization, continues to bring multiple possibilities for work and relocation. At the same time, the local diversity of labor policy comes with the responsibility for employers to respect the rights of employees and to act in accordance with the policies in force.

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Types of Global Mobility Services in Adecco

Thanks to the global experience gained in over 50 years of activity,
Adecco recruitement consultants can cover, through the services of Global Mobility, activities such as:

Employment or Secondment of Foreign Citizens in Romania

For EU citizens

  • registration of residence – obtaining CNP
  • recognition of diplomas for employment in professions regulated by special laws
  • notification towards competent authorities
  • fiscal registration
  • fiscal residence declaration
  • residence registration of family members

For nonEU citizens

  • obtaining a work permit (for employment/ secondment)
  • obtaining a long-stay visa
  • obtaining an extension of residence permit
  • notification towards competent authorities
  • declaration of fiscal residence
  • family reunification (bringing the foreign citizen’s family to the country)
    • obtaining approval from the General Immigration Inspectorate
    • obtaining a long-stay visa
    • obtaining a residence permit/ extension
  • obtaining visas for business trips to various countries

Detachment or Travel for Business Purposes of Romanian Citizens/ Foreigners Abroad

For EU member countries

  • obtaining form A1
  • obtaining form S1/ European health card
  • declaration of fiscal residence

For nonEU countries

  • writing invitations
  • obtaining visas for business trips abroad
  • obtaining medical insurance

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What Are the Global Mobility Services?

The Global Mobility Services represent a series of consultancy services for drawing up the formalities related to the employment or secondment and stay of a citizen in a country other than his country of nationality.

What Is a Work Permit?

The work permit is the document issued by the General Inspectorate for Immigration, which entitles a Romanian company to hire a non-EU citizen.

What Is a Long-stay Visa?

The national long-stay visa allows the entry and stay of foreigners on the territory of Romania, for a period that does not exceed 90 days. It is granted by the diplomatic missions or consular offices of Romania, only with the prior approval of the Ministry of Internal Affairs – General Inspectorate for Immigration.

What Is a Short-stay Visa?

The national short-stay visa allows foreigners to request entry into the territory of Romania, for reasons other than immigration, for an uninterrupted stay or several stays, for a duration that does not exceed 90 days, during any period of 180 days prior to each days of stay in Romania. This type of visa can be issued with one or more entries.

What Is a Residence Permit?

The residence permit represents the identity document issued by the General Inspectorate for Immigration, in accordance with the law, to the foreigner whose right of residence in Romania is extended or to whom the right of permanent residence is granted, as the case may be.

What Is a Permanent Worker?

The permanent worker represents the foreign citizen (non-EU), employed in Romania, with an individual employment contract for an indefinite period or for a fixed period.

What Is the Seasonal Worker?

The seasonal worker represents the foreign national (non-EU) who maintains his/ her main residence in a third country, but legally and temporarily resides in Romania, being employed in Romania, with an individual fixed-term employment contract, concluded with an employer in the basis of the employment notice, in order to perform an activity that takes place according to the succession of the seasons.

What Is a Cross-border Worker?

The cross-border worker represents the citizen of a state that has a common border with Romania and lives in the border area of that state, employed in a border locality on the Romanian territory, with an individual employment contract for an indefinite or fixed term.

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