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The Importance of a Professional Recruitment & Selection Process

The most recent HR studies have shown the massive importance that a recruitment and selection process can have in ensuring employee retention, establishing expectations for both candidate and employer, as well as accepting company values.

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The Phases of a
Recruitment & Selection Process

Thanks to our global experience, Adecco experts have built the most efficient process for identifying, evaluating and placing candidates for our recruitment and selection services.

Following multiple stages, we ensure that the most suitable candidates end up in the most suitable jobs:

  • Identifying Candidates through Digital Channels

  • Phone Interview  

  • Face to Face Interview

  • Reference Checkup

  • Evaluation

  • Sending the Shortlist

  • Presenting the Profiles of the Most Suitable Candidates

  • Setting Up the Final Interview

  • Final Interview and Managing Expectations  

  • Placing the Candidate in the New Workplace

  • Requesting Feedback

Evaluation Tools used in
Recruitment and Selection

Adecco consultants use a high-performance range of tools in the candidate evaluation phase.
Depending on the complexity of the role, they recommend the most suitable solutions, such as:

California Psychological Inventory (CPI)

On an international level, CPI is considered the most comprehensive personality test.

Adecco Xpert

This is a basic component of our quality recruitment and selection service, which has been developed by Adecco to better understand the knowledge, skills, motivations and preferences of a candidate.

Pre-employment screening

This tool gives us an objective image of the strong points and development needs of an individual, performing an evaluation that lasts 60 minutes.

Competency Based Interview (CBI)

This is a competency-based interview that combines the classic interview method with the STAR method, in which a competency is measured using relevant past experiences.

Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ)

With the help of this tool, we can predict the potential and skills capacity, while identifying behavioral styles for employment, given the life cycle of employees.

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What is Headhunting?

Headhunting represents the common expression used for describing services of recruitment and selection of candidates by specialized HR consultants.

How Long Does a Recruitment and Selection Process Take?

A recruitment consultant takes an average of 1 month to complete a recruitment and selection process for an open position. This period may vary depending on the complexity of the position and the HR policy of the organization.

What Are the Stages of the Recruitment and Selection Process?

The service of recruitment and selection of candidates involves identifying potential candidates, interviewing them, validating them with the employer, the final interview, hiring and collecting feedback.

How many candidates does it take to close an open position within a company?

On average, a consultant gets to interview and evaluate 5 candidates to close an open position. The number may vary depending on the complexity of the position and the HR policy of the organization.

How Do You Calculate the Cost of a Recruitment and Selection Process?

The costs for a recruitment and selection service differ depending on how the process is administered. If administered internally, it must be calculated as follows: (costs of promoting open positions + cost of tools used in the evaluation of the candidates + costs of salaries of employees involved in the process) / number of closed positions in that time.
If the process is outsourced to a professional recruitment agency, then the cost structure varies depending on several factors. These involve the gross monthly salary of the open position, costs for identifying candidates, success bonuses for the shortlist, success bonuses for closing the position etc.

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