The Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2020


Digital skills gap intensifies, widening the differences between high-income nations & the rest of world. The Adecco Group commits to reskill around five million people by 2030.

  • Romania is ranked 64 (out of 132) while Bucharest is 86 (out of 155) in this year’s GTCI global study
  • Report finds that gap between high income, talent-rich nations and the rest of the world is widening; more than half of the population in the developing world lack basic digital skills
  • Switzerland tops this year’s ranking, followed by the United States (its highest place yet) and Singapore in third place
  • AI talent is particularly scarce and unequally distributed across industries, sectors and nations
  • Broad-based re-skilling is urgently needed to develop ‘fusion skills’, that enable humans and machines to effectively and efficiently interact in hybrid activities
  • The Adecco Group commits to reskill and upskill five million people around the world by 2030, led by General Assembly, the Group’s skilling arm and global leader in future-skills education

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