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In today’s highly competitive job market, companies across all industries are searching for skilled and qualified talent.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to partner with an employment agency that knows the people you need and has the ability to deliver the right staffing.

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01. Recruitment & Selection

We are here to help you! The Adecco team has the experience, the knowledge and the necessary tools to find the most suitable candidates for your team.

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02. Temp Staffing

Why temp staffing? Temp staffing saves you time and money. It gives you added flexibility and raises productivity.

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03. Outsourcing

For a company, the outsourcing process involves cost optimization, access to specialized expertise, the adoption of validated and efficient technologies and also alignment with high quality standards.

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04. Mass Recruitment

The most recent studies have shown the importance of storytelling to engage and attract top talents for an organization, while driving a digital recruitment process to flex, enable and manage expectations, both for candidates and clients.

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05. Employer Co-Branding

Within today’s digital landscape it’s getting more and more challenging for candidates to make sense of the relevant employment information they need.

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06. Onsite

We offer tailored solutions, adapted to the specific nature of business, designed to meet the expectations of our business partners thanks to our unique knowledge. How does it work?

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07. Global Mobility

Romania’s access to the free labor market in the European Union, as well as globalization, continues to bring multiple possibilities for work and relocation.

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08. Training & Development

Adecco Training & Development facilitates business culture to grow individuals and companies by offering a new training model and strategic consultancy created to recognize, interpret and manage grow the skills of companies and individuals.

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09. Payroll

Adecco handles employee payrolls, either partially or fully, by: Managing personal documentation, Bridging the contact with the authorities, Calculation of payrolls, Delivering reports, Consultancy regarding current legislation.

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