Benefits of joining the program.

You’ll work with our top executives, gaining new, high-level perspectives and skills.

Resume Boost

Consider how this will look on your resume. Seriously impressive, right?

Career Possibilities

You’ll travel and build relationships with new colleagues, friends and, potentially, bosses.

Big Bucks

How much? Set yourself up with the opportunity to earn a CEO salary.

How the Application Process Works


Apply for Program

Between now and April 16, register on the Adecco Way to Work platform, submit your CV and motivational letter and prepare yourself for the next stages of the competition: professional skills & language tests, video intro and online interviews.

Attend the Romanian CEO for One Month Bootcamp

If you will get to the final stage of the selection process you will travel to our headquarter in Bucharest to participate in a friendly, yet competitive "boot camp" style challenge.

Become CEO for One Month in Romania

If you're named the CEO for One Month in Romania, you'll be spending the month of July as our CEO working alongside top company executives & earning a CEO salary!

Become Adecco Group Global CEO for One Month

As CEO of Adecco Romania, you have the opportunity to participate in another bootcamp with global interns. There, you'll be competing for a prestigious title: The Adecco Group Global CEO for One Month!

Are you our next CEO for One Month?

Visit the Adecco Way to Work site to apply for CEO for One Month.

Register now!