Will you become a posted worker from Romania to another EU state? Let Adecco Romania guide you through the process and obtain the A1 form.

Income tax

If you work in your host country for less than six months, you shouldn’t be liable for income tax there. However, there are no EU-wide rules that set out which country can tax your income during a posting. Check out the national laws or tax agreements between EU countries.

Social security cover while abroad

As a posted worker, to continue to be covered by the social security system in your home country, your employer have to request an A1 form. As your A1 form is valid for maximum 24 months, if your posting to another EU country lasts longer, you can either:

  • switch to the social security system of the country where you are posted or
  • apply for the extension of the validity of your social security form posting period to remain covered in your home country.

For more details contact
Dana Ionescu, our legal & global mobility manager and her team, @  globalmobility.romania@adecco.com

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