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Service Sttlement Specialist

LocațieBucuresti, Bucuresti, Romania PP Adecco

Tipul Job-uluiSpecialist


CategorieIT and Telecommunications

Service Sttlement Specialist

 Responsible for the analysis, configuration and review of global service contract information and provide clean data
sources for the company's business;
 Responsible for the acceptance and review of business data of global service suppliers and effectively support timely
payment of Huawei through timely and accurate processing;
 Regularly follow up and manage the acceptance process of service contract, timely close loop problems and improve
the handling efficiency;
 Conducted compliance and authenticity audit of acceptance data, risk identification and closed-loop control to avoid
business risks;
 Responsible for the administration process of Service partner, Distributors, Operators, including audition and payment
process control for repair.
 Daily communication with partners and customer regarding repair fee claims;
 Support to Suppliers regarding some Repair billing system and process clarifications.

     Education background
 Candidate must possess a Bachelor’s Degree
 Economic education background is an advantage
 Preferable studied at a public university rather than private
     Work Experience +2 year finance\customer service related experience\ICT (Informationand Communication Technology) field
 Preferably a minimum 3 year working experience
 Experience in auditing, internal control or quality management is preferred
 English proficiency or above, proficient in listening, speaking, reading and writing
     Professional knowledge
 Proficient in operating computer office software system, and skilled in using Excel tools to process data and reports
 Basic Financial knowledge
 Knowledge of consumer product service model or operation process is preferred
 The candidate must possess business attitude (e-mail writing skills,professional communication) gathered mainly through previous working experience in a business environment
     Personal/Professional Skills
 Able to work with multiple systems
 Able to work with large amounts of data
 Good communication skills
 High attention to details, analytical personality
 Patient and Rigorous thinking are strongly needed.
 Strong interpersonal and communication skills, problem solving skills,decision making and self-learning ability.
 Good service awareness, team spirit and able to work under pressure.
 Ability to work independently and provide efficient solutions for issues encountered.
 Experience in a multinational company
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