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Senior Software Developer C++

LocațieTimiș, Timisoara, Romania PP Adecco

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CategorieIT and Telecommunications

Senior Software Developer C++

Adecco Human Resources is recruiting for a Senior Software Developer with C++, for one of its client, a multinational company. The C++ developer will be responsible for building desktop applications.
Ideal candidate:

•    Strong proficiency in C++, with good knowledge of the language specification
•    Thorough knowledge of the standard library, STL containers, and algorithms
•    Good knowledge of the C++14/17 standard is important
•    Good understanding of memory management in non-garbage collected environments
•    Good understanding of image processing and algorithms
•    Understanding of dynamic/static polymorphism and C++ specific notions
•    Understanding of real-time requirements and limitations
•    Familiarity with opensource image/video processing libraries (OpenCV, FFmpeg, gstreamer..)
•    Familiarity with templating in C++
•    Familiarity with networking (Boost.Asio, Curl, ..)
•    Familiarity with the most common open source libraries is a must (boost, gtest, ..)
•    Good *nix skills are important (bash and python scripting is also a plus) as we develop mostly for Linux distributions
•    Software design experience is a major plus (SOLID, design patterns..) 
•    Knowledge of writing native modules for high-level languages such as Node.js, Python, is a plus
•    Understanding of AI (machine learning) is a plus
•    Familiarity with language tools, such as Valgrind, Clang tooling, CMake
•    Implementation of automated testing platforms and unit tests (using Catch2 or GTest)
•    Proficient understanding of code versioning tools (Git) 
•    Familiarity with continuous integration (Jenkins)
•    Familiarity with Docker is a plus

•    Design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, modern and reliable C++ code
•    Implement performance and quality modules
•    Identify bottlenecks and bugs, and devise solutions to these problems
•    Help maintain code quality, organization, and automatization
•    Design/implement/implement algorithms that may come from Research
•    Do code reviews
•    Refactor, refactor, refactor
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