Future of Talent in the Automotive Mobility Industry

Workforces and workplaces are constantly evolving in response to advances in technology. COVID-19 has accelerated this pace of change.

On the one hand, the pandemic will motivate organizations to adopt a raft of risk mitigation measures to protect themselves from similar shocks in the future, but on the other hand, it will push them to capitalize on emergent growth opportunities. This, in turn, will have implications for talent management strategies.

As the industry adapts to the new normal shaped by the COVID-19 crisis, human-machine interactions are set to surge. Meanwhile, innovative technologies will redefine work practices.

In this white paper, we will be addressing 2 different sections, with the following topics:

  • Section 1: Industry analysis

— COVID-19’s impact on the Automotive & Mobility industry
— Future-proofing the Automotive & Mobility workforce

  • Section 2: Future growth opportunities — 10 trends in the Automotive & Mobility industry